Manor Hall Booking

Please enter coupon codes from the table below to ensure you get the right discount.


UseRate (£)Coupon code
Regular village users (non-commercial)131
Regular user, Penn Curzon Room10
Fee charging commercial user - main hall182
Occasional user, not for profit - main hall353
Occasional non-village user, not for profit404
Commercial user - main hall555
Children's parties or similar306
Weddings - village connection2507
Weddings - no village connection3508
Men's Institute (monthly charge)

Note: Wedding reception hire charges allow up to 3 days for set up and clear away

Charges for a single session (ie a morning, afternoon or evening) are as follows, effective from April 2017:

Equipment HireRate (£)
Gazebo - 2 bay25
Gazebo - small5
Large table and chair set (seating up to 8)10
3 No. large table and chair sets25
Small table and chair set (seating up to 4)5
4 No. or more small table and chair sets25
Note: Upholstered chairs are not to be used outside. Please use plastic chairs outside
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