Manor Hall

The Manor hall now has a dedicated website which can be found at :-

The Manor Hall is located in the center of Berrynarbor village, close to the church. The  two-storey wing is part of the former manor house dating back to the late 15th century and has features from the Tudor and late medieval periods, whereas the main hall was built in 1914, partly through the generosity of the Basset family who owned the Watermouth Estate.

The building was acquired in 1947 and is held in trust for the  inhabitants of the parish. It is managed by the Manor Hall Trust,  registered charity no. 300763. To view a copy of the original conveyance click on the link below:


The Manor Hall wing is used by Berrynarbor Pre-School and the Men's Institute.

The main hall is used for a wide variety of activities and groups, including spinners, upholstery, art, badminton, pilates, the Wine Circle and theatre events put on by the villagers, the Beaford Arts group and others.

The village school use the hall 2 days a week.

It is available for hire for any suitable activity when not in use by these groups.

Please look at the  Hall Booking  monthly calendars to see when the hall is available and for the list of current charges. To make a booking please fill in the booking form and if you have any questions either phone Julia Fairchild (Tel: 01271 882783} or email (

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