Manor Hall Schedule

Until the new on-line booking system goes live you will still be able to see current bookings for the Manor Hall below.

If you wish to book the Manor Hall, in the first instance have a look at the individual monthly calendar sheet to determine availability.

If your preferred slot is available then you should contact the Booking Officer (presently this is Julia Fairchild). Her contact number is 01271 882783 or email (

You will be required to complete a Booking Form and may be asked for a refundable deposit. You will also be made aware of the Terms & Conditions attached to the hire of the hall.

Contacts for regular groups are:

Upholstery        Tony Summers     883600

Craft Group       Judie Weedon      883544

Badminton        Micky Davidson

Spinners            Mrs. Philippa Dykes-Simmon’s  867085

Pilates (Morn)  Valerie May          343944

Pilates (Eve)      Bev Grant            07917 762227

Wine Circle       Judith Adam         882828

Table Tennis     Julia Fairchild   882783




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